Garbage & Recycling 

The City of Campbell, along with the Town of Los Gatos, City of Saratoga, and City of Monte Sereno are part of the joint power authority called the West Valley Solid Waste Management Authority (Authority or WVSWMA). The Authority manages the West Valley Cities' solid waste collection, disposal, and management agreements. The Authority board meetings are scheduled on the first Thursday during the months of February, May, September, and November at 5:00pm, at Monte Sereno City Hall, 18041 Saratoga Los Gatos Road. Click here for upcoming meetings and agendas.

Garbage & Recycling Services

West Valley Collection and Recycling, LLC., provides exclusive hauling for residential (single-family and multi-family) and commercial solid waste, recycling, and organics collection services. To start or change service, or to report a problem with your service, please contact:

West Valley Collection and Recycling Services
1333 Oakland Road
San Jose, CA 95112
Ph: (408) 283-9250

You may also contact the Public Works Department to report problems or complaints with your service. Email or call (408) 866-2150.

How to Set Out Waste Streams at the Curb for Servicing

Recycle Bins, how to line up recycle bins on curb

  • Place carts curbside by 6 A.M. on your collection day.
  • To prevent litter, make sure lids are closed. Do not overload your carts.
  • Extra cardboard must be cut down, flattened, bundled, and placed next to your recycling cart. The bundle must be able to fit inside your recycling cart (to use the cart to load the truck). 
  • Household batteries must be placed in a clear and sealed plastic bag on top of your recycling cart. 

For service requests such as cart repairs, delivery of free oil jugs and filter bags, or a free How-To-Guide, please contact WVC&R at (408) 283-9250.

Sorting Your Waste

Properly sorting your waste makes sure our recycling and organic recovery programs are effective and efficient. It also keeps our materials out of landfills


Place recyclable materials in your blue cart/bin. Make sure your recyclables are clean enough so that other recyclables are not contaminated with food, oil, liquid, etc. Acceptable recyclable items include:

  • Metal such as rinsed cans, clean aluminum foil, trays, pans, screws, nails, etc.
  • Glass including bottles, broken glass, dishware, etc.
  • Paper that is clean and dry, including mail, newspaper, books, printer paper, etc.
  • Plastic including beverage bottles, coffee cup lids, food containers, etc.
  • Film plastic including bread bags, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, etc.
  • Small electronics (batteries removed) including calculators, cameras, cell phones, radios, printers, cords, DVD players, etc.
    • Call Customer Service at (408) 283-9250 to recycle large electronics.


California Senate Bill 1383 requires residents and businesses to divert organics from landfills to lower greenhouse gas (methane) emissions. WVC&R distributed kitchen pails to collect food scraps with ease. You can empty the pail into your organics bin, along with yard waste, for servicing.

Place organic materials in your green cart/bin (brown for those with older yard waste bins). Acceptable organics include:

  • Yard waste including lawn cuttings, leaves, twigs, succulents, and flowers.
  • Food scraps including fruits and vegetables, pumpkins, bones, pasta, dough, eggs, bread, etc.
  • Soiled paper including coffee filters (and coffee grounds), pizza boxes, used paper towels, paper straws, compostable takeout containers, etc.


Place solid waste materials in your black cart/bin for servicing. Acceptable solid waste bin items include:

  • Wax-lined paper.
  • Plastics such as toothpaste and ointment tubes, rubber bands, straws, gloves, etc.
  • Fabric/Textiles such as belts, purses, boots and shoes, pillows, linen, etc. (Please look into donation options before putting these items in our landfills).
  • Glass such as ceramics, eyeglasses, mirrors, etc.
  • Electronic waste such as audio tapes and video tapes.
  • Dirt, chip bags, pet waste (bagged), poison oak.

How-to Guides

Residential How-to Guide

Multi-Family How-to Guide 

Commercial How-to Guide 

You may also use the Waste Wizard on WVC&R’s website and Recycle Stuff to learn more about where to dispose of specific materials.

Additional Services

Electronic waste drop off, motor oil and fluorescent bulb drop off, bulky item collection, extra garbage pickup, and more are provided by WVC&R. For single-family residences, information is found HERE. For multi-family residences, information is found HERE.