Traffic Signal Listing

Reporting a Problem

For traffic signal problems, please contact the appropriate jurisdiction for the corresponding intersection as indicated below:
  • City of Campbell Traffic Engineering Division: (408) 866-2150
  • San Jose Department of Transportation: (408) 535-3850
  • Caltrans Signals and Street Lights: (415) 330-6500
  • Town of Los Gatos Department of Public Works Service Center: (408) 399-5771
  • County of Santa Clara Lighting and Signal Systems: (408) 494-2700
Main Street  Cross Street  Jurisdiction 
Bascom Avenue  Apricot Avenue  Campbell 
Bascom Avenue  Camden Avenue  San Jose 
Bascom Avenue
Campbell Avenue  Campbell 
Bascom Avenue Campisi Way  Campbell 
Bascom Avenue Dry Creek Road  San Jose 
Bascom Avenue Pruneyard Entrance  Campbell 
Bascom Avenue Union Avenue  San Jose 
Bascom Avenue White Oaks Avenue  San Jose 
Bascom Avenue Woodard Road  San Jose 
Camden Avenue  White Oaks Avenue / Curtner Avenue  County of Santa Clara 
Campbell Avenue Jeffers Way / Campbell Community Center  Campbell 
Campbell Avenue Civic Center Drive / South Fourth Street  Campbell 
Campbell Avenue  Fulton Street  Campbell 
Campbell Avenue Gilman Avenue  Campbell 
Campbell Avenue Railway Avenue  Campbell 
Campbell Avenue San Tomas Aquino Road  Campbell 
Campbell Avenue Third Street  Campbell 
Campbell Avenue Union Avenue  Campbell 
Campbell Avenue Victor Avenue  Campbell 
Civic Center Drive   Central Avenue  Campbell 
Civic Center Drive First Street  Campbell 
Civic Center Drive Harrison Avenue  Campbell 
Creekside Way  Campisi Way  Campbell 
Creekside Way  Hotel Driveway  Campbell 
Hamilton Avenue  Almarida Drive  Campbell 
Hamilton Avenue  April Way  Campbell 
Hamilton Avenue Bascom Avenue  Campbell 
Hamilton Avenue  Central Avenue  Campbell 
Hamilton Avenue  Creekside Way  Campbell 
Hamilton Avenue  Darryl Drive  Campbell 
Hamilton Avenue  Eden Avenue  Campbell 
Hamilton Avenue  Leigh Avenue  San Jose 
Hamilton Avenue  Llewellyn Avenue  Campbell 
Hamilton Avenue  Marathon Drive  Campbell 
Hamilton Avenue  Salmar Avenue  Campbell 
Hamilton Avenue  Winchester Boulevard  Campbell 
Hamilton Avenue  Phoenix Drive  Campbell 
Leigh Avenue  Dry Creek Road  San Jose 
NB Highway 17 Off Ramp  Creekside Way  Campbell 
Orchard City Drive  First Street  Campbell 
Orchard City Drive  Railway Avenue  Campbell 
Pollard Road  More Avenue  Campbell 
San Tomas Aquino Road  Bucknall Road  San Jose 
San Tomas Aquino Road  Latimer Avenue  San Jose 
San Tomas Expressway  Budd Avenue  County of Santa Clara 
San Tomas Expressway  Campbell Avenue  County of Santa Clara 
San Tomas Expressway  Hamilton Avenue  County of Santa Clara 
San Tomas Expressway  Highway 17 SB Ramps  County of Santa Clara 
Union Avenue  Duncanville Court  Campbell 
Union Avenue  McGlincy Lane  Campbell 
Winchester Boulevard  Budd Avenue  Campbell 
Winchester Boulevard  Camden Avenue  Campbell 
Winchester Boulevard Campbell Avenue  Campbell 
Winchester Boulevard  Hacienda Avenue  Campbell 
Winchester Boulevard  Kennedy Avenue  Campbell 
Winchester Boulevard  Knowles Drive  Los Gatos 
Winchester Boulevard  Latimer Avenue  Campbell 
Winchester Boulevard  Rincon Avenue  Campbell 
Winchester Boulevard  Sunnyoaks Avenue  Campbell 
Winchester Boulevard  Vasona Park and Ride Lot  Campbell