Beginning January 2020, all applications are to be submitted through the on-line portal. 

Off-Site Improvements (Street Improvements)

It is common for projects that require Planning and Building permits to be required to construct street / frontage improvements as a condition of approval.  The following documents are in support of the application for the associated Encroachment Permit.

On-Site Improvements (Grading & Drainage / Stormwater Treatment)

If a land development project includes site improvements and/or regulated stormwater treatment facilities, a separate Building permit for the site and stormwater improvements will be required.  The following documents are in support of the application for the associated Building Permit.

Map Review

The Land Development group also reviews Subdivisions (Tract Map / Parcel Map), Lot Line Adjustments, Public Street and Easement Dedications, and processes Certificates of Compliance and Street Vacations.  The following documents are in support of the associated mapping application.



Standard Plan Sheets (AutoCAD 2015 files)

  • On-site Title Sheet (to be used for Grading and Drainage Plans) (dwg) (pdf)
  • Off-Site Title Sheet (to be used for Street Improvement Plans) (dwg) (pdf)
  • City Standard Border
    On-Site (dwg) (pdf)
    Off-Site (dwg) (pdf)    
  • City Standard Details
    Sheet 1 (dwg) (pdf)
    Sheet 2 (dwg) (pdf)    
  • Electrical Details for Street Lighting Sheet (to be used for Off-Site Street Improvement Plans)
            (dwg) (pdf)
  • Stormwater BMP's – Best Management Practices for the Construction Industry (pdf)
For additional information on other Public Works Land Development topics, please see: