Street Sweeping

Keeping Streets Clean
Street sweeping helps remove debris that collects in the gutters and blocks storm drain inlets. When storm drain inlets are blocked, flooding of the street can occur. Street sweeping also helps remove heavy metals on the street, which would otherwise wash into the drainage system and eventually into our creeks and bay.

Please help keep our streets clean by not raking, piling, or blowing debris, leaves, or tree branches into the street or the storm drain systems. Place your leaves and yard trimmings in the container provided by your garbage collector. On the days of your scheduled street sweeping, park your vehicles off the street so that the street sweeper can get access to the gutter pan and adjacent pavement.  If you need an additional yard waste container contact West Valley Collection and Recycling at (408)283-8500.

Area  Sweeping Days 
East of Winchester Boulevard, between Hamilton and Camden Avenues, and Hamilton and Leigh Avenues (North County Pocket areas) First and third Tuesday 
West of San Tomas Expressway between Campbell Avenue and Sunnyoaks Avenue (with a westerly boundary of Abbey Lane and Virginia Avenue), just east of Highway 17, south of Camden Avenue, the White Oaks, Longfellow Holmes (South County Pocket areas), the recently annexed Cambrian 36 and Central Park Drive Neighborhood  Second and fourth Tuesday 
North of Hamilton Avenue and east of San Tomas Expressway and south of Hamilton Avenue, between San Tomas Expressway and Winchester Boulevard  First and third Thursday
North of Campbell Avenue and west of San Tomas Expressway, and South of Campbell Avenue in the area bounded by Kim Louise Drive, Bucknall Road, and Fulton Street  Second and fourth Thursday 
West of Virginia Avenue and south of Vanderbilt Drive and east-west portion of San Tomas Aquino Road and South of Sunnyoaks Avenue and west of Winchester Boulevard  Second and fourth Wednesday