Transportation Improvement Plan For Campbell Priority Development Area

Study Purpose and Background

The Transportation Improvement Plan for The City of Campbell’s Priority Development Area (TIPC) developed a suite of transportation and urban design projects to improve walking, bicycling and transit access for the Downtown Campbell Priority Development Area (PDA). The PDA is the portion of downtown Campbell identified by the City of Campbell as a transit-oriented site for future growth, as defined in Plan Bay Area, the regional transportation plan prepared by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).  The TIPC Study presents projects in conceptual design form to enable the City of Campbell to compete for grant funding for design and construction.  The study area is a subset of the City’s PDA and focuses on the Historic Downtown and nearby streets that have potential for development.

Community Engagement Process

Throughout the development of the Campbell TIP, multiple rounds of stakeholder outreach were conducted to identify key areas of concern for the community and to garner feedback on recommended improvements. Separate rounds of outreach addressed the concerns of Downtown Campbell residents, business people, and representatives of the bicycle and pedestrian community.  Draft improvements were presented to the Campbell City Council, the City of Campbell Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and to stakeholder groups from Downtown Campbell.

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City of Campbell TIPC report.