The Engineering Division:

  • Issues Encroachment Permits for all work performed in the public right of way
  • Designs Public Works construction projects including buildings, streets, and subsurface facilities identified in the City’s Capital Improvement Program
  • Evaluates plans for private construction projects to ensure conformance with City design and construction standards
  • Manages and operates the City's Pavement Management Program, Sidewalk Maintenance Program, Sidewalk Infill Program, and Accessibility Ramp Project
  • Constructs projects identified in the City's Capital Improvement Program
  • Provides inspection for all work completed in City's public right of way
  • Maintains records of the construction of past public projects
  • Maintains aerial maps and other records of the City


The Engineering  Division designs improvements for public works construction projects dealing with public facilities, streets, and sub surfaces (i.e. storm drains) identified in the City’s Capital Improvement Program.

The Engineering Division also evaluates plans for private construction projects to ensure conformance with the City design and construction standards.

The City of Campbell Standard Specifications and Details for Public Works Construction (dated July 1994), as well as the updated details, can be viewed here.  Other standards the City uses are:

The Engineering Division also manages and operates the following programs in the City:

Construction & Contracts

The Engineering Division oversees and inspects all construction projects performed in the City’s right of way. The types of projects vary each year in accordance with the City's Capital Improvement Program.

For project information and current project updates please view our project information section.