Definition & Locations

A benchmark is defined as a permanent physical mark of a known elevation point in the field. It is a surveyed marker which provides a point of beginning for determining elevations of other points in a survey.

Benchmark locations are provided at various points throughout the City. For specific benchmark information please view the maps below and get the corresponding number closest to the location where you would like to start your survey. Then, locate that number on the City of Campbell Benchmark Elevations and United States Coast and Geodetic Survey Elevations for the corresponding elevation.


Benchmark locations and elevations are based primarily from the 1980s survey data.

Benchmark Maps - PDF files

Benchmark Maps - City GIS Viewer

 An interactive map of the City Benchmarks, including pictures showing exact locations, can be found here on our GIS.  Once you load the GIS viewer, you will need to turn on the Benchmark layer by clicking on the checkbox next to it.

Please contact the Public Works Department at (408) 866-2150 if you have any further questions.