Planning Counter

In-Person Counter Services

In-person Planning Counter service is once again available on a drop-in basis Monday through Friday, during the times specified, below. A planner can assist in answering routine questions such as ADU standards, setbacks, general land use, signs, tree removals, fences, etc. You may also email or call (408.866.2140) us during these times. If you have questions of a more advanced nature such as proposed development projects, subdivisions, or land use changes, we ask that you schedule an appointment.

11 AM to 5 PM8 AM to 5 PM8 AM to 5 PM*8 AM to 2 PM8 AM to 5 PM
*Except for the first Wednesday of each month when the Planning Counter closes at 3 PM.

By Appointment (Virtual/In-Person) Counter Services

Appointments to discuss more complicated questions or proposals are generally available  throughout the week during two-hour morning and afternoon periods as specified, below. You may request a virtual appointment using Microsoft Teams or an in-person meeting at City Hall. Appointments are limited to 20-minutes. However, if you believe you have a particularly complex inquiry, you may schedule two meetings back-to-back, which may be honored at the discretion of your planner.


10 AM to 12 PM10 AM to 12 PM10 AM to 12 PM10 AM to 12 PM
2 PM to 4 PM2 PM to 4 PM2 PM to 4 PM
2 PM to 4 PM

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