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Originally an orchard of pears and prunes known as Brynteson Ranch, the 27-acre Pruneyard was constructed in the late 1960's as an open-air shopping center in the Mission Revival style. Today, the Pruneyard consists of three professional office buildings, a regional shopping center, and a DoubleTree by Hilton hotel.


The Pruneyard Master Use Permit (MUP) is the long-term master plan for The Pruneyard approved by the Campbell City Council on October 18, 2016 and amended on May 4, 2021. As a "living document," the MUP will be revised from time-to-time, with current and former versions posted to this web-page.


Daniel Fama, Senior Planner

Pruneyard Master Use Permit

MUP Coversheet (2021)

Appendix A - Approved Development Plans

Approved Development Plans

Appendix A-1 - Revised Development Plans

Revised Development Plans

Appendix B - Master Sign Plan

Master Sign Plan

Appendix C - Center Declaration

Pruneyard Declaration

Appendix D - List of Previous Entitlements

Appendix D - List of Previous Entitlements

Appendix E - Tenant Map

Appendix E - Tenant Map