Assembly Bill (AB) 1483

In accordance with Assembly Bill (AB) 1483, the following information is provided for transparency for residential development regulations and costs.

AB 1600 Annual Fee Reports

Annual AB 1600 Fee Reports prepared pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 66006 and subdivision (d) of Section 66013 of the California Government Code may be viewed on this webpage.

Current Fee Schedule

The current Fee Schedule, including current application/permit fees, Park Impact Fees, and Business License Fees, may be found on the City Fee webpage. Fees charged by West Valley Sanitation District (a dependent special district, as defined by Section 56032.5 of the Government Code) may be found on this webpage.

Housing Affordability Requirements

As specified by Campbell Municipal Code Chapter 21.24 (Inclusionary Housing) all residential projects with ten (10) or more dwelling units (excluding ADUs) are subject to a mandatory 15% affordable housing requirement. An in-lieu may be made for low-density residential project as specified by the adopted Fee Schedule.

Application Checklist

Development application checklist compiled pursuant to Section 65940 of the California Government Code may be viewed on the City’s Application Checklist webpage.

Zoning and Development Standards

All properties within the City of Campbell are subject to certain development (zoning) standards found within the Campbell Zoning Code, the Campbell General Plan, and various adopted area/master plans and design guidelines, including the General Plan and Housing Element. These documents are available on the Planning Division webpage.

To find oDone Editingut a property’s land use designation or zoning, please use our interactive GIS Mapping Tool.

Housing Fees

The following fees are charged by the City’s below market rate housing administrator for rental and for-sale housing developments. These fees include, but are not limited to, Loan Processing Fees, new BMR Sales Transaction fees, BMR Resale Transaction fees, and Acquisition and BMR Resale/Rehab Transaction fees.  More information on the methodology for determining unit sale prices is available online at

Housing Pricing Methodology

The following documents serve to explain how unit pricing is established and how equity sharing and resale restrictions apply to housing projects in the City of Campbell.