Statement of Values

Statement of Values - Updated February 2009

In November 2005, an Ethics Subcommittee was appointed to review and develop a Statement of Values to promote and foster the highest degree of public trust. The following key points guided the Ethics Subcommittee as the Statement of Values was developed:
  • Its purpose was to create a proactive statement of the community’s values and to prevent future ethics-related problems;
  • It should express the standards for the highest integrity and ethical conduct expected for elected officials, appointed commissioners and board members, executive staff and candidates for local office;
  • It should be a ”living” document, to be reviewed biannually; and
  • It should be voluntary, and all stakeholders are encouraged to not only understand and affirm its values, but to uphold them as they conduct their duties as public officials.
The City Council adopted Resolution 10621 in March 2006 formally approving the Campbell Statement of Values. Its core values include: Community; Honesty; Civility; Equality; Teamwork; and Accountability. City Councilmembers, commission and board members, and senior staff voluntarily signed the “inaugural” document on May 30, 2006 as a demonstration of their understanding and agreement with the values and commitment to follow them as they conduct their official duties.

The Statement of Values is a living document and is reviewed in February of odd-numbered years following an election. This provides an opportunity for the newly seated City Council to review and reaffirm the Statement of Values with any desired adjustments.

After reviewing the Statement of Values at its February 3, 2009 meeting, the City Council approved an adjustment to the Teamwork section adding wording as follows: I value diversity and seek divergent viewpoints from people of all backgrounds.