Wall Mural Project

mural image

Goal:  Enhance Campbell aesthetics in harmony with the city’s character.  This project recruit’s artists through local outreach with Campbell residents/business on a selection committee.  The mural project celebrates local artists and their artwork; acts as a deterrent to graffiti; and involves Campbell residents in contributing to the beautification of the city.

Potential Mural Locations:  (Private and Public) (click here to download PDF)

Fundraising:  Local businesses, individual donations by residents, and other non-profit organizations. For Online Sponsorship/Donation, go to: 

Call to Artists:  The City and the Civic Improvement Commission are seeking local artists to showcase their work by painting a mural on a set of public and private locations throughout the City of Campbell.   Painting will take place between September and November 2021, after completion of a competitive selection process.

Date Issued:  TBD

Application Deadline:  TBD 

Artist Application:  (click here to download PDF)

Artist Guidelines & Requirements:  (click here to download PDF)

Location Map with Box Photos:  (click here to download PDF)

For Online Sponsorship/Donation, go to: