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City Clerk Forms

  1. City Council Meeting Questions

    Use this form to submit any specific question you would like to ask during a regular Campbell City Council meeting.

Community Engagement

  1. Community Feedback

    Please feel out the form below with details on how we can better serve our community.

Human Resources Forms

  1. Job Interest Form

    Human Resources Form for potential employees to indicate interest in a position/s.

Online Forms

  1. Contact Us (Dropdown)

    The City of Campbell welcomes your questions, comments and concerns. You can submit your comments via this form to a specific City... More…

  1. Street Light Outage Report

Police Forms

  1. Continue The Conversation

    We are committed to serving the community of Campbell and are dedicated to the people, living, working and visiting our city.

  1. Property Inquiry Form

    Property & Evidence strives to maintain property in the same condition it is received and to preserve the evidentiary integrity of... More…

Public Works Forms

  1. Campbell Bike Map Survey

    The City of Campbell has many bicycle routes and lanes throughout the City. Survey to learn about how visitors are finding the webpage.

Recreation Forms

  1. Adult Center Newsletter

    Subscribe to our electronic newsletter.

  2. Error Submission Form

    Submission form to identify error or request corrections.

  3. Refund Request
  4. Transfer Request
  1. City of Campbell Financial Assistance Application

    Recreation youth scholarships are available to Campbell residents ages 0-17 or students currently enrolled at Rosemary Elementary... More…

  2. Photo Consent Opt-Out

    If you do not wish for photographs of your child engaging in activities or programs through the Campbell Recreation & Community... More…

  3. Satisfaction Guarantee Refund Request
  4. Volunteer Liability Release Form