Utility Work


The installation, repair and maintenance of utility facilities in the right-of-way requires an encroachment permit.  In general, there are three distinct customers applying for an encroachment permit to install utility facilities in the public right-of-way:

  1. Utility Companies (AT&T, Comcast, PG&E, San Jose Water Company, West Valley Sanitation District)
  2. Fiber Companies (Level 3, MCI Metro, Sunesys, Wave, Zayo)
  3. Trenching Contractors (hired to do trenching & restoration by someone other than a Utility or Fiber company)
An application for an encroachment permit will require the following items:

  1. Construction Drawings prepared or approved by the utility company owning the facilities
  2. Traffic Control Plan (if work requires closing traffic lanes or sidewalk)
  3. Certificate of Insurance (Fiber & Trenching Contractors)
  4. City Business License
  5. Agent of Owner Letter (when companies are hired to apply for permits on behalf of Utility and Fiber Companies)
  6. Faithful Performance Security (Fiber Companies)
  7. Payment of Fees

Master Encroachment Agreement

Fiber companies are required to execute a Master Encroachment Agreement with the City of Campbell prior to the issuance of any encroachment permits for construction.  Currently, the following companies already have an executed Master Encroachment Agreement on-file with the City: Level 3, MCI Metro/Verizon, Sunesys, Wave/Astound, and Zayo.

Application Process

Small Cell Wireless providers please note that small cell applications are not currently accepted on-line.
See here for the current application process:

Beginning January 2020, all Public Works applications shall be submitted through the new on-line permitting system known as MyGovermentOnline.  Please make sure to select the Public Works application type 'Encroachment Permit - Utility Work".

All required files shall be uploaded at time of application and be labeled appropriately.  If a document is comprised of multiple pages or sheets, please combine them all into one PDF file, orientated such that it is readable without requiring subsequent rotation of the pages.

Once staff has reviewed the on-line submittal and found it to be complete, it will be assigned a permit number and an invoice for the application fees will be created and e-mailed to the applicant.  Any corrections required to the construction plan or traffic control plan will be communicated to the applicant.  Payment of permit fees will be required prior to issuance of the permit.
Apply Online

Construction Inspection

Before beginning any construction activities, the Contractor is required to contact the Public Works Inspection Group at (408) 866-2150 at least two working days in advance of any work in the right-of-way.