Park/Picnic Rental Information

Reservations are made online

The City of Campbell provides and maintains a variety of park and public areas for the general enjoyment of the community. Two of these parks include picnic areas that are available for reservation by individuals or groups.

Reservations are accepted up to 180 days in advance for Campbell residents (179 days for non-residents). Reservations must be made at least 2 business days in advance of requested date and can be made online or by telephone during business hours (payment by VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express required).

To check for picnic area availability check our online reservation system or call (408) 866-2104 during regular business hours. Picnic reservation fees must be paid at the time of reservation. Priority for reservations is provided to Campbell residents, who may make reservations a full 180 days in advance. Non-residents may make a reservation 1 day later than residents, thereby providing residents one full day of priority. For more information, see the Picnic Rules & Regulations.


The guidelines related to COVID-19 and the variants change frequently. When you agree to host a gathering in a Campbell Picnic area, you agree to understand and abide by all guidelines that are in place at the time of your rental. 

Picnic Areas

The following areas are available for reservation:

  • John D. Morgan Park Area 1 (max capacity 120): $130 for residents/$180 non-residents
  • John D. Morgan Park Area 2 (max capacity 80): $90 for residents/$140 non-residents
  • John D. Morgan Park Area 3 (max capacity 50): $60 for residents/$110 non-residents
  • John D. Morgan Park Area 4 (max capacity 50): $60 for residents/$110 non-residents
  • John D. Morgan Park Area 5 (max capacity 30): $40 for residents/$90 non-residents
  • John D. Morgan Park Area 6 (max capacity 10): $20 for residents/$70 non-residents
  • John D. Morgan Park Area 7 (max capacity 10): $20 for residents/$70 non-residents
  • John D. Morgan Park Area 8 (max capacity 10): $20 for residents/$70 non-residents
  • John D. Morgan Park Area 9 (max capacity 20): $30 for residents/$80 non-residents
  • Edith Morley Picnic Area only (max capacity 35): $60 for residents/$90 non-residents
  • Edith Morley Picnic Area and Turf (required for Bounce-About Rentals; max capacity 100): $100 for residents/$170 non-residents
All reservations are subject to a non-refundable $25 processing fee in addition to fees listed above.

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First Come, First Serve Picnic Areas

There are areas at almost every park in Campbell that allows for picnics on a first come, first serve basis. These areas are designed to accommodate 8-10 adults at each table. You may only use the stationary BBQ's that are built into the picnic areas at John D Morgan and Campbell Park (no outside BBQ's allowed). In addition, in order to have alcohol or a bounce-about, you must obtain a reservation/permit (see above information about reserving a picnic space). At no time are tables and chairs allowed to be dropped off to create a new or another picnic space in the park, only the provided tables and benches may be used.   

Catering in the park

We encourage picnic renters to use the provided BBQ grills for their parties, but when outside food is prefered or easier, we understand. Any type of food that is prepared OFF SITE and brought into the park is allowed. With prior approval from the Recreation & Community Services Department, a small taco cart or taqueria is allowed under the following guidelines: the cart must be walked into the park, the cart may not interfere with the public access to the pathways in the Park, the vendor possess required Health Permits and a Campbell Business License. If your vendor meets these conditions, you will provide this information during the permit process. If you are unsure at the time of your booking you will need to contact the Recreation and Community Services Department prior to your event date to request approval and provide the details to be added to your permit. Email: Please note: Portable BBQ's, trailers and open flames of any kind are not allowed in the park. 


Bounce-About Rentals

The rental of a Bounce-About is allowed with a picnic reservation permit only. Bounce-Abouts may be provided only by companies that have a current Business License and Certificate of Insurance on file with the City of Campbell. Only small Bounce Houses with a maximum footprint of 20x20 are allowed in Campbell Parks (no large obstacle courses).  There are currently five companies who meet the City of Campbell requirements and are allowed to provide services in Campbell's parks: 


The city has no affiliation with these companies and does not recommend one over any of the others. It is suggested that users research the companies, their fees, services, and reputation before entering into a contract. If a permittee wishes to contract with a vendor other than those named above, please contact the Recreation Department for the liability insurance requirements that must be met 10 days prior to the date of your event.