R-1 Permit


All work within the public right-of-way requires an Encroachment Permit.  The R-1 Encroachment Permit is a simplified permit intended to assist owners of single family homes perform minor work in the right-of-way in front of their primary residence.  Minor work is defined as improvements costing less than $10,000, that does not require any engineering, and is to be performed by a homeowner (or their selected contractor) in front of the homeowner’s single family residence.  This type of permit would be required for any homeowner who wishes to remove/replace curbs, gutters, sidewalks, driveways, or install street trees in front of their primary residence.  If the home is not occupied by the owner (i.e. a rental property, etc.) then a standard encroachment permit application will be required.

R-1 Permit Application Package

An application for a R-1 Encroachment Permit must include the following items:
  • One (1) copy of a drawing showing the location, extent and dimensions of the work. The drawing shall show the relation of the proposed work to existing improvements. When approved by the City Engineer said drawing becomes a part of this permit.
  • Proof of residence / owner occupied status.
  • Copy of Homeowners insurance.
  • Payment of fees (currently $242.76).
  • Faithful Performance Deposit (refunded upon completion of work)
The application can be made using our on-line system, however inspection staff can also be made available at the Public Works Counter to assist with submittal of the application - please call ahead at (408) 866-2150 to confirm staff is available.  Upon receipt of the complete permit application package, the drawings will be reviewed by the Engineering Division staff.  The Engineering Division staff will review the drawings to ensure conformance with City standards and any approved site plans.  A minimum of five working days should be allowed for this preliminary review.
Following the preliminary staff review, comments will be returned to the applicant for any changes.  Comments may ask that additional information be submitted for review, or that additional information be shown on the drawings.    
Upon completion of the items above, the encroachment permit will be issued.  Prior to beginning any construction, the applicant must request and arrange a field meeting with the Public Works Inspector.  Contact the City’s Public Works Inspector at (408) 866-2150 two working days in advance to schedule the required field meeting.