Street Improvements


Construction of public street improvements associated with new residential or commercial developments requires an Encroachment Permit. Typically, the permit application must be completed, the street improvement plans approved, and all fees and deposits paid prior to issuance of the associated building permit.  As this all takes time, it is imperative that the applicant start this process at the same time as applying for the desired building permit.

Application Process

Beginning January 2020, all Public Works applications shall be submitted through the new on-line permitting system known as MyGovermentOnline.  Please make sure to select the Public Works application type 'Encroachment Permit - Land Development".

The submittal requirements for review of an encroachment permit to construct street improvements are detailed here.

Resources for the preparation of the Street Improvement Plan can be found in the Land Development Documents page.

Building Permit Release Requirements

In most cases, the requirement to install or modify improvements within the public right of way is a condition of approval that has been required by the City prior to allowing a particular new development or use to proceed. This condition of approval must be satisfied prior to an applicant obtaining any building permits for the proposed development or use. Prior to the Engineering Division’s issuance of a clearance letter for building permit purposes, the following items must be completed and submitted to the Engineering Division:

  • Completed On-line Application for an Encroachment Permit
  • Street Improvement Plan reviewed and ready for approval
  • Security Deposits / Surety provided to City to guarantee completion of improvements
  • Payment of all Permit Fees
  • Satisfaction of all other Public Works requirements listed in the Conditions of Approval for the project.

Encroachment Permit Issuance Requirements

Prior to staring any work in the public right of way, the applicant shall hire a Contractor that can meet the following requirements:

If the improvements are primarily concrete (i.e. curb, gutter, sidewalk, driveway, and curb ramp) then a Concrete Contractor with a C-8 license is acceptable.  Otherwise, a General Engineering Contractor with an A license is required.  The Contractor will need to provide an insurance certificate to the City of Campbell meeting the requirements listed below.  It is important that the Certificate of Insurance include the project’s address and encroachment permit number as shown on the coversheet of the approved Street Improvement Plan. 

We recommend that the Contractor provide the City of Campbell sample insurance certificate and checklist to their insurance agent, as an 
encroachment permit will not be issued until the insurance provided is complete and satisfies the requirements of the City.  Finally, the Contractor will need to show proof of their City Business License.  All contractors working in the City of Campbell are required to have a City of Campbell Business License.  A City Business License can be obtained through the Finance Department on the first floor of City Hall.  See here for more information.

Upon completion of the items above, the encroachment permit will be issued. Prior to beginning any work, the applicant must request and arrange a field meeting with the contractor and the Public Works inspector. Contact the City’s Public Works inspector at (408) 866-2150 two working days in advance to schedule the required field meeting.
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