City Manager

Incorporated March 28, 1952, the City of Campbell operates under a Council-Manager form of government as provided in California’s Government Code. Under this form of government, the five-member City Council provides legislative direction and sets city policy.


The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the city and acts as a liaison between the City Council and employees. He provides guidance and oversight to city staff in fulfilling the City Council’s objectives and, to this end, appoints all city department heads, with the exception of the City Attorney and City Clerk.

The City Manager is the primary advisor to the City Council on policy issues concerning the community and activities of the departments under his supervision. The City Manager is responsible for submission of the city budget and Capital Improvement Plan and for its administration after council adoption. The Manager keeps the council advised of the city’s financial condition, and the anticipated needs of the city.

The City Manager’s Office is responsible for a wide variety of activities including general administration, Human Resources, labor relations, purchasing and the city’s Volunteer Program, Intergovernmental Relations, and Public Information. The City Clerk’s Office is also part of the City Manager’s Office.

Under Campbell’s form of government, the City Council appoints the City Manager, the City Attorney, and the City Clerk. The City Manager then appoints the department heads and all other staff. He is responsible for assuring that the city’s services are performed well, in accordance with council’s policies and within the limits of the city’s resources.

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