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Stojanovich Family Park


  1. child play areas
  2. interpretive signs
  3. Landscaping
  4. Pedestrian Walkways
  5. Plaza Areas
  6. public art

Stojanovich Park is located at 316 Union Avenue and is open from dusk to dawn.  Parking is limited to passenger loading and unloading, so be prepared to find alternative parking.  The Park has seven picnic benches, which are first come, first served and cannot be reserved.  There is a playground for young children aged 5 to 7 years old, child climbing structures, a walking path,  and restrooms.  The special features at the park are generally for the younger children. 

The Park got it’s name from owners who sold the property to the City on the condition it be made into a park.  The Stojanovich’s  had owned the property since 1934, when they grew fruit in surrounding orchards. Fruit-laden trucks would pull up to the shed, the large sliding doors would slide open, and the harvest would be unloaded, cut and dried.  The main type of fruits were apricots, plums and cherries.