What can go in the garbage and what can never go in the garbage?
What Can Go In The Garbage
  • Normal household refuse
  • Tree and shrubbery trimmings, flowers, and lumber (no more than four feet in length and 40 pounds in weight) securely tied in bundles at both ends. It is recommended that you recycle the yard wastes. They may be placed out in separate containers on the same day as your regular garbage
  • Cardboard and wooden boxes folded flat and tied in bundles. However, we encourage you to recycle these materials when possible
  • Broken glass, wrapped securely in multiple layers of newspaperAnimal wastes, wrapped in newspaper or plastic bags
  • Empty and dry hazardous materials containers of five gallons or less

What Can Never Go In The Trash
  • Liquids of any type. The refuse in landfills must be as dry as possible
  • Hot coals, ashes, or lit cigarettes
  • Building and construction debris (dirt / rocks, tree trunks, carpets, or large scraps)
  • Furniture, appliances, or auto parts (water heaters, major appliances, couches/chairs, car bumpers, fenders, engine blocks, batteries, items over 50 pounds)
  • Household hazardous wastes (paint, solvents, cleaning fluids, motor oil, insecticides, acids, gasoline, pool chemicals, highly flammable liquids, radioactive materials, or toxic chemicals)
  • Medical waste, including needles / syringes
  • Fluorescent light bulbs

For more information on what can and can not go in the trash, recycling, and green waste bins, please visit the West Valley Recycles website.

For special pickup of materials, please visit the Santa Clara County Hazardous Waste Program website.

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