How does Flock Safety protect citizen privacy?

Flock Safety has strict measures in place to protect resident privacy.

Flock Safety believes that we can successfully reduce crime while protecting and preserving privacy. Here are a few of the ways we have ethically-engineered our suite of products to ensure privacy protection:

  • We store all data for only 30 days (or in adherence with local laws). Customers own all of their data — Flock will never share or sell data with third parties. The customer is the only one to determine who has access to the footage.
  • The Safe List feature  allows neighborhood residents to register their license plate number and opt to be eliminated from captured footage. This way, police can easily separate residents from non-residents and allow residents with privacy concerns to opt out of the system altogether.
  • All data is stored in the cloud through Amazon Web Services (AWS) using AES256 bit encryption, a standard encryption system used by both the Federal Government and the National Security Agency.

Learn more about how Flock Safety protect privacy here:  How Flock Safety Works to Eliminate Crime While Protecting and Maintaining Resident Privacy

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