How do I turn in found property to the Police Department?
Per Civil Procedure Section 2080.1
Property valued over $100 shall be turned over to the Sheriff or Police Department. It is illegal to keep things you find and not return them to their owner. You must turn property in to the police. We will look for the owner and hold the property for the owner to pick up. Found property can be given to any police officer, or can be brought to the police station 24 hours a day. Found items may not only be lost, but may be stolen or be an important part of a crime police are now investigating.

If items are found in another city, please contact that cities property unit and follow their procedure for turning in found property.

Found property may be claimed by the finder after 90 days.

Items that are “abandoned” are not considered found property therefore, they are not required to be turned in.

Food and unsanitary items shall not be turned in as found property and will not be accepted by the Police Department.

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