East Campbell Avenue Plan Line Project

(Updated July 16, 2020)

Due to budgetary impacts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Campbell City Council has re-prioritized City funds resulting in the defunding of the East Campbell Avenue Plan Line Project.

This project will create a plan line along East Campbell Avenue from Railway Avenue to Bascom Avenue based on the East Campbell Avenue Master Plan. The plan line will align the street geometrics in accordance with the Master Plan and will serve to facilitate street improvements in the public right-of-way.


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In May 2007, the City Council approved the East Campbell Avenue Master Plan which establishes guidelines and policies for public improvements and private development for East Campbell Avenue between Railway Avenue and Union Avenue. The intent of the Master Plan is to tie historic Downtown Campbell to the Pruneyard office and shopping center, creating a more connected, attractive, and functional corridor.

Since the approval of the Master Plan, some of the improvements identified in the Master Plan have been completed. They include the intersection and signal modification at Railway Avenue and East Campbell Avenue, sidewalk and bulb-out installations along East Campbell Avenue, and the widening of Campbell Avenue Bridge. Another notable improvement is the East Campbell Avenue Portals which was completed in 2017.

In August 2014, subsequent to the approval of the Master Plan, the Land Use and Transportation Element Update was adopted which sets goals to provide a multi-modal transportation network. Specifically, Goal LUT-2, states: To achieve a safe, balanced and functional multi-modal transportation network that accommodates all users; and Policy LUT-2, states: Multi-modal Transportation: Develop and implement a multi-modal transportation network that balances transportation options aimed at reducing automobile traffic and greenhouse gas emissions while promoting healthier travel alternatives for all users.

Building on achieving the goal to provide multimodal transportation facilities, City Council accepted the final report for the Transportation Improvement Plan for Campbell Priority Development Area (TIPC) in February 2018. The TIPC study consists of a suite of transportation and urban design projects to improve walking, bicycling, and transit access for Downtown Campbell with one project identified specifically highlighting the Railway Avenue / East Campbell Avenue / Civic Center Drive intersection for improvement.

Earlier, in the spring of 2017, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) initiated the Bascom Corridor Complete Streets Study, their proposed project to improve Bascom Avenue between Interstate 880 and State Route 85, which includes changes to the intersection of East Campbell Avenue and Bascom Avenue. The purpose of VTAs study is to identify opportunities to demonstrate and advance complete streets improvements, including but not limited to multimodal access, safety, and connectivity.

The East Campbell Avenue Plan Line Project will include a review the Master Plan and its alignment with developing East Campbell Avenue to meet multimodal goals in order to provide guidance with development projects. The project will create plan lines for various scenarios for East Campbell Avenue from Railway Avenue to Bascom Avenue. Plan lines are utilized to help determine factors including but not limited to: number and types of lanes of traffic, width and type of sidewalk, street furniture/tree/lighting placement, width of bike lanes, and whether there will be parking/no parking.