(Updated September 27, 2022)


540 W. Rincon Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008


This project enhanced and expanded amenities at the south end of John D. Morgan Park, near Budd Avenue. The project designed and reconstructed the playground to increase play value and features to allow all-inclusive play.  

This project made possible in part by a grant from the County of Santa Clara’s All-Inclusive Playground Grant Program.    


Construction of the playground is complete. The City Council accepted the improvements on August 2, 2022. 

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In November 2017, study sessions on the Parks Program were conducted for both the City Council and the Parks and Recreation Commission (PRC). Many of Campbell’s parks are approaching the end of their design lives and are in need of renovation. Both bodies provided input on various approaches to park renovation. A recurring theme was to address the needs of all demographics in park renovation projects and to explore external supplemental funding sources such as grants.

In 2017, the Board of Supervisors of the County of Santa Clara established the All-Inclusive Playground Grant Program (AIPG) to provide grants to local agencies and non-profits interested in bringing all-inclusive playgrounds into their communities. AIPG funded playgrounds are required to provide design elements to address the needs of all, regardless of age and abilities. This may include people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Challenges, Visual and Auditory Impairments, Cognitive, Developmental and Physical Disabilities as well as medically fragile individuals.

In March 2018, City Council adopted a resolution authorizing the Public Works Director to submit an AIPG application to the County of Santa Clara for the John D. Morgan Park (Budd Avenue) Improvement Project 18-PP.  The City committed to allocating $1M in local match in order to receive the $1M in AIPG funds for a total of $2M. The City was awarded the $1M from the AIPG and subsequently entered into a grant agreement with the County of Santa Clara on November 10, 2018.

This project will solely focus on improvements to the existing southern play area adjacent to Budd Avenue. This play area is approximately 1 acre in size, including picnic spaces, play structures, swings, drinking fountain, ADA restroom, ADA parking, and gently sloping grass berms. The proposed project will completely remodel the existing play area into a destination all-inclusive playground. In the end, the goal of the project is to develop a park facility for seniors, children, and parents of all abilities, which aligns with the message, “Parks Make Life Better.”