Harriet Avenue Traffic Calming Project

(Updated May 27, 2020)


Harriet Avenue from 220 ft. south of Keith Drive to Westmont Avenue.


This project will provide improvements to slow down traffic and enhance bicycle and pedestrian safety on Harriet Avenue from Westmont Avenue to the northern city limit near Keith Drive. 


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In November 2017, City Council approved the conceptual plan based on community input collected through a series of public meetings. This plan aimed to address traffic speeds with speed humps and narrower lane widths, and to improve walking and bicycling experiences on Harriet Avenue by increasing vehicle/pedestrian separation, reducing crossing distances, improving visibility, and raising motorist awareness. 

Project improvements include a pedestrian hybrid beacon on Harriet Avenue and McCoy Avenue, speed humps, spot island bulb-outs, buffered bike lanes, green bikelanes at conflict points at McCoy Avenue and Elam Avenue, widened sidewalk at San Tomas Aquino Creek, and the upgrade of ADA curb ramps to compliance. 

This project is partially federally grant funded by the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP).  The purpose of the HSIP program is to achieve a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads.  This project is eligible for HSIP funding because the project scope proposes to provide safety improvements along the corridor. 

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1. “Black or Dark” – When not in use, the HAWK will remain “black or dark” until activated by a pede