Income Tax Assistance


Sponsored by IRS and AARP

Campbell Adult Center
Room E-46
February 4 through April 14
Tuesdays: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Fridays: 9:00am - 12:00 noon

Volunteer tax aides will provide FREE preparation of your 2019 Federal and State Income tax returns from February 4 though April 14. Appointments are not necessary but can be made in person in Room E-46 during the Tuesday/Friday operating hours.

Appointments by telephone are available only for those who have mobility limitations or who are on VTA Paratransit by calling the Campbell Adult Center (408) 866-2146.
W9 form and documents must be brought into prepare taxes
The following items, if they apply, should be brought with you:

  1. A photo ID (and your Social Security card if new to the program)
  2. Copies of your 2019 Federal and State Tax Returns.
  3. Your checkbook or a blank check if direct deposit/debit is desired. (Deposit slips are not acceptable)

VERY IMPORTANT THIS YEAR: BRING YOUR 2019 TAX RETURNS.  We have new software, so no computer history is available.  We may not be able to finish your return if we do not have your 2019 Federal and State Tax returns for background.
Also bring with you:

Income Documents covering 2019
  • All W-2 forms
  • Pensions & Annuity receipts; 1099-R
  • Interest receipts; 1099-INT
  • Dividend receipts; 1099-DIV
  • Social Security receipts; SSA-1099
  • Unemployment compensation; 1099-G
  • Gambling winnings; W-2G
  • Trust or Partnership distributions; K-1
  • Broker's statements covering sale of assets; 1099-B
    • (Descriptions, date acquired, date sold, sales price, and cost basis)
  • Escrow statements for the purchase or sale of your home; 1099-S


Deductions covering 2019

  • Medical expenses; Doctor's, Labs, Prescriptions, Medical Insurance Premiums, Mileage, Long term care premiums
  • Real Estate taxes paid; Property Tax bills for payment made in 2018
  • Mortgage interest
  • Charity donations; cash/non cash (must be detailed)
  • Vehicle registration renewal notices
Affordable Care Act:

What health care information do you need to bring this year to support high quality tax preparation?
  1. Bring health insurance coverage information for you, your spouse and all dependents (Medicare information shows on the Social Security statements so that is all that is needed for Medicare recipients)
  2. If you do not have full year health care coverage, bring information on monthly coverage.
  3. If you purchased health insurance through the Marketplace/Exchange, in California known as "Covered California," bring Tax Form 1095-A with you. You should receive this form by 1/31/2018.
  4. Bring any health care exemptions received from the IRS or "Covered California."