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Neighborhood Association Grants in words with cartoon neighborhood houses.The Civic Improvement Commission awards grant funds up to $500 per neighborhood for activities and projects that address the quality of life, safety, cleanliness, and engagement throughout neighborhoods. Please visit the CIC page for application information.

Neighborhood Association Assistance Grants.

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The City provides this Neighborhood Association page as a courtesy to residents of Campbell, so that they may know about the neighborhood associations available in their areas.

The City of Campbell cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on this page. Residents may contact the representatives listed below for more information.

To qualify to be listed on this page, please provide the following to a description of the neighborhood association, a description of the neighborhood association street boundaries, the names of neighborhood association officers, the frequency of membership meetings, whether or not dues are paid to support the neighborhood association, whether or not a newsletter is produced, and any additional customary formalities of a neighborhood association.


Campbell Community Center Neighborhood Group 

  • Description: The Campbell Community Center Neighborhood Group is open to all residents in the neighborhoods bounded by Hamilton Avenue, West Campbell Avenue, San Tomas Expressway, and Winchester Boulevard South.
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  • Website:
  • Neighborhood Boundaries Map:Campbell Community Center

Campbell Village Neighborhood Association 

  • Description: Welcome to the Campbell Village Neighborhood Association, located between Union Avenue, Bascom Avenue, Camden Avenue, and McGlincey Drive, in the southwest part of Campbell, CA.
  • Email:
  • Neighborhood Boundaries Map:Campbell Village

Central Hazelwood Neighborhood Association 

  • Neighborhood Boundaries Map:Central Hazelwood

Downtown Campbell Neighborhood Association

  • Description: Downtown Campbell Neighborhood Association has been in existence since 2007 and includes all residents between Highway 17 and Winchester Avenue, and Hamilton Avenue and Kennedy Avenue. All residents, whether owners or renters, are welcome to join. Business owners who are not residents of Downtown Campbell are asked to contact the Downtown Campbell Business Association or the Campbell Chamber of Commerce for representation.
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  • Website:
  • Neighborhood Boundaries Map:

                    Downtown Campbell


Four C’s Neighborhood Association

  • Description: The 4C’s is a small neighborhood sharing the goal of neighborhood preservation and ideas for the common good.
  • Email:

Neighborhood Boundaries Map:4Cs

 Hamann Park Neighborhood Association

  • Description: Encompassing the Hamann Park neighborhood, the Hamann Park Neighborhood Association has banded together to serve the community needs of the neighborhood to plan activities, educational meetings, and community events. Our goal is to achieve a more informed, safer, and better connected community. Working with City officials, political leaders, law enforcement, and community groups, makes for a better neighborhood.
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  • Website:
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  • Neighborhood Boundaries Map:Hamann Park

Moreland West Neighborhood Association

  • Description:  The Moreland West Neighborhood Association covers the area in Campbell and San Jose bordered by Hamilton Avenue, San Tomas Aquino Road and Campbell Avenue.
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • MWNA map 

Pruneyard-Dry Creek Neighborhood Association

San Tomas Area Community Coalition

  • Description: We are an association of long standing, which grew out of committees originally formed in 1985 to work with the City of Campbell. The neighborhood association itself filed for recognition in 1995 to become the San Tomas Neighborhood Association, and later changes to the current name of San Tomas Area Community Coalition (STACC). For more than three decades we have held meetings, published a newsletter, and maintained a web presence. STACC is a nonprofit organization run exclusively by volunteers. Our overriding goal is to help residents take care of our neighborhood by taking part. Divided into twelve areas, each with its own Area Captain, we cover a third of Campbell.
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  • Website:
  • Neighborhood Boundary Map: STACC

San Tomas West Neighborhood Association

Westmont Neighborhood Association

  • Neighborhood Boundaries Map:Westmont


Westchester Park Neighborhood Association