Summer Swim Lessons


Parent Tot, Pre-School 1 & 2, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Adult Lessons!

Register for one (1) -week at a time, Monday - Friday, or a 5-Saturday, or 5-Sunday session. Each session is 30 minutes long!

  • MON-FRI session: $88 Residents / $98 Non-Residents

  • SAT session: $98 Residents / $108 Non-Residents

  • SUN session: $98 Residents / $108 Non-Residents

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  1. Liz Simonovich
    Aquatics Specialist
    (408) 866-2160

    Campbell Community Center
    1 W. Campbell Ave.
    Office C-31
    Campbell, CA 95008

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    Monday - Friday
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Parent Tot (6mo - 3yrs)

Parent and Child will both be in the water, with the instructor guiding you through floating, blowing bubbles, going underwater, assisted jumps into the water and focusing on how to be safe in the water.

Swim Lessons offered to tiny tots ages 3-5 years at the Campbell Community Center pool

Preschool Level 1 & 2 (3-5yrs)
This class focuses on water safety and getting your child comfortable in the water. We learn how to submerge their face under the water, blow bubbles, bobbing, supported floating skills, water entry and exit and arm and leg movement with support. All students must be able to hold onto the pool wall with two hands and be a minimum age of 3. This class runs in the 3 1/2 to 5 feet depth in the pool.

Level 1 (6+ yrs)

All swimmers joining Level 1 should be comfortable in the water and able to easily submerge their whole body and face under the water. Building on the motions learned in Preschool Level 1 & 2, swimmers will be introduced to basic front and back swim strokes, floating, rolling in the water, treading water, and learning side breathing. A large focus will be on kicking and arm motions and putting those together along with pushing off from the wall and diving for toys, This class runs in the 3 1/2 to 5 feet depth in the pool.

Swim Lessons offered to advanced beginners ages 7-14 years at the Campbell Community Center pool
Swim Lessons offered to swimmers ages 8-14 years at the Campbell Community Center pool

Level 2 

In Level 2, swimmers focus on freestyle (front crawl) and backstroke as well as streamline glides into kicking and swimming. Swimmers will also dive underwater for rings, open their eyes underwater, and continue to build up their treading skills. Students in this level are able to be more independent in the water and need minimal support when completing skills. This class runs in the 5 to 9 feet depth in the pool.

Level 3

Advanced swimmers focus on increased endurance and strength in swimming, a smooth transition from gliding to swimming for freestyle (front crawl) and backstroke as well as learning dolphin, breaststroke, and side stroke kicks. Students build up their treading skills, learn sitting dives into the water and swim lengths across the pool. this class runs in the 5 to 9 feet depth in the pool.

NEW! Adult Swim Lessons (18+)

We welcome all adults (18+) who are interested in learning how to swim or improve their swim skills., this class focuses more on what you'd like to learn with emphasis in water safety. Whether you'd like to learn how to swim freestyle (front crawl), backstroke, breaststroke, or butterfly, get more comfortable in kicking across the pool, or want to focus on treading and feeling comfortable in the deep end, this class is a great way to learn how to swim!