The Traffic Unit is staffed by oneTrafficOfficers sergeant, one agent, two officers, and two community service officers. The unit is managed by the Special Enforcement Division captain. The officers are assigned as motorcycle officers. They are responsible for enforcing traffic laws, investigating traffic accidents, and managing City approved festivals and special events that involve road closures or potential traffic hazards.  The Traffic Unit also includes several crossing guards who help to ensure the safety of school children crossing busy intersections to and from school.
To report traffic problems in the City of Campbell, please email the Traffic Unit.

Please note that we will always try to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible; however, for inquiries submitted outside of normal business hours, on weekends, or on a holiday, we may not be able to respond until the next business day.

TrafficRadarTraffic Enforcement
The Traffic Unit focuses on enforcement of traffic laws in an effort to create a safe environment on the streets in our community. Speed enforcement is done using radar speed measurement tools (Radar) as well as laser speed measurement tools (Lidar). Our Lidar devices were generously donated by a member of our community and are a positive asset to the unit. Traffic officers also conduct collision investigations and respond to traffic related complaints throughout the city.

Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP)
The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program is a concerted effort of the Police Department and the Public Works Department to reduce traffic speeds and keep traffic flowing safely on residential streets. This is done using traffic flow studies as well as radar display boards and focused speed enforcement.

Abandoned or Stored Vehicles
An abandoned vehicle is defined as a vehicle that has been abandoned or stored for a period of 72 hours or more on a public street, alley, or public parking lot. The Campbell Police Department runs an aggressive program to keep the streets free of abandoned and junk vehicles. This is accomplished by aggressively patrolling for abandoned vehicles, as well as responding to reports by citizens. The Campbell Police Department tows an average of 10 abandoned vehicles each month. To report an abandoned or stored vehicle, call the hotline at 408-866-2712. See Abandoned Vehicles for more information.

ParkingEnforcementParking Enforcement
The Traffic Unit has one member specifically assigned to parking enforcement. Much of this enforcement is focused in our downtown area time zones in an effort to keep spaces available for people visiting and shopping in the area. We have a three-story parking garage available at Second Street and Civic Center Drive. This structure is free of hourly restrictions, for those who intend to stay longer than the time zones allow.

Avoid the 13 Campaign  
The Traffic Unit participates in the Santa Clara County Avoid the 13 DUI enforcement campaign.  This program began in 1973 when the 13 law enforcement agencies in Santa Clara County combined efforts to prevent drunk driving during the holidays through increased enforcement, DUI roadway checkpoints, and public education.