Public Works Department

701 - Administration

  • Manage and implement Measure O design process and subsequent related work; complete design of Library and Police Building projects
  • Represent Campbell in long-range regional transportation planning efforts - Envision Silicon Valley and Plan Bay Area 2050 process
  • Complete revisions to specifications and contract document requirements in coordination with the City Attorney

720 - Traffic Engineering

  • Manage, design, and implement traffic calming improvements
  • Manage, design, and implement bicycle and pedestrian enhancements and safety improvements
  • Review and consider revisions to the City's Traffic Calming Policy
730 - Engineering

  • Implement the Annual Street Maintenance Program 
  • Complete design and construction of the Campbell Park improvements
  • Complete construction of the all-inclusive playground at John D. Morgan park (Budd Ave. side)
  • Complete the design of the Harriet Avenue Sidewalk project
  • Manage, design, and implement approved Capital Improvement Projects
  • Update Standard Plans and Specifications for Public Works Construction
  • Support, review, and implement small-cell wireless projects
  • Review and update City of Campbell Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) in compliance with Federal Highway Administration and Caltrans

740- Land Development/Environmental Programs

  • Assist with the implementation of the reissued Storm Water Municipal Regional Permit (MRP 3.0), including necessary updates to the Green Infrastructure Plan

745 – Maintenance Administration

  • Managed essential infrastructure maintenance operations through the COVID-19 closure and re-opening
  • Assisted in the delivery of the agreement for citywide Energy Service Company (ESCO) Projects and project management
  • Coordinated with the City’s Safety Consultant to provide essential training for all maintenance staff
  • Complete the acquisition and installation of a new Traffic Signal & Lighting Modular Building at the Service Center

750 – Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance Services

  • Complete approved vehicle & equipment purchase and lease acquisitions

760 – Street Maintenance

  • Complete approved Capital Improvement Projects, including the Campbell Park pathway, Community Center Track resurfacing, and street crack sealing projects 

770 – Signals and Lighting Maintenance

  • Inspect and accept Streetlight LED conversions completed by the ESCO project

775 – Parks Maintenance

  • Implement water conservation strategies including turf area reductions 
  • Complete scheduled tree trimming services for two Maintenance Zones 
780 – Building Maintenance

  • Perform a CASP review for citywide ADA compliance 
  • Complete approved special projects for City buildings 
  • Complete and accept all cost saving measures related to the Energy Savings Improvements (ESCO) Project