Finance Department

535 - Accounting Services

  • In coordination with City Staff, the City's Municipal Advisors, and other members of the financing team, prepare to issue the remaining Measure O bonds (estimated issuance July/August 2022) and establish a Bond Oversight Committee (by January 2022)
  • Collaborate with the City Council, Executive Team, Public Works, Police Department, and project consultants, to determine furniture, fixture, and equipment (FFE) requirements for the to-be-constructed new Police Station building and develop an adequate funding plan to support their timely acquisition
  • Evaluate Business License systems and operations, develop improvements to better serve the business community, and collaborate with the Economic Development Division to improve data usefulness and report capabilities so as to enhance timely understanding of the City's business climate
  • Review current reserve policies and levels with City Council and develop recommendations for possible modification (recommended Fall 2021 Study Session)
  • Evaluation long-range financial forecasting methodologies and determine whether improvements could be made
  • Evaluate and discuss with City Council potential new revenue measures (recommended Fall 2021 Study Session or before, if any measures under consideration for November 2021 ballot)
  • Continue to provide City Council with monthly Fiscal Updates starting no later than September 2021