Community Development

Community Development:

550 – Administration

  • Continue to refine the online application and permit tracking system

551 - Current Planning

  • Work with City Attorney to update the City's density bonus and inclusionary ordinances
  • Work with City Attorney's office to amend the City's Camping Ordinance to allow activities in all zones with public assembly uses.

552 - Policy Development

  • Continue to work with consultant on General Plan Update
  • Work with consultant on Housing Element revision
  • Continue to work with the consultant to establish objective residential development standards
  • Work to develop ADU ordinance to allow short term rentals, and consideration of an amnesty program existing ADU
  • Work with City Attorney's Office to revise zoning ordinances to comply with State law

557 - Low/Moderate Income Housing

  • Work with consultant to evaluate certification compliance and recommend any necessary enforcement action to the City Council
  • Evaluate options for administering the City's housing program