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Below Market Rate Housing Program

See our BMR page for information on the City’s Below Market Rate Housing Program.

Homebuyer / Homeowner Assistance Programs
See our Loans and Grants page for information on loans, grants, and mortgage tax credits.

See our Foreclosure Assistance page for more information on mortgage delinquency counseling.

Home Repairs for low-income households

See our Home Repair page for information on home repairs for low-income households.

Campbell Rental Increase Dispute Program

See our Tenant-Landlord Dispute page for information on rental disputes and other tenant-landlord issues.

Homeless Services and Supportive Housing

See our Homeless Services page for information on shelters and other homeless services.

See our Supportive Housing page for information on assistance with food, clothing, and housing needs.

Campbell Affordable Housing & Density Bonus Ordinances

See our Inclusionary / Density Bonus Ordinance page for information on the City’s affordable housing program.

Campbell Housing Element
The Housing Element describes policies and strategies to support housing opportunities for all economic segments of the community, including affordable housing for the City’s lower-income residents. The Housing Element is one of seven policy chapters in the City of Campbell’s General Plan.

Low and Moderate Income Housing Asset Fund

Per Section 34176.1 of the Health and Safety Code, the housing successor shall provide an independent financial audit of the Low and Moderate Income Housing Asset Fund within six months after the end of each fiscal year. This information can be found in the following attachment: Low-Moderate Income Housing Fund Report

Contact Housing Services:

HouseKeys (BMR Housing Program Administrator): (877) 460-5397 | | 

Project Sentinel (Landlord/Tenant Counseling & Mediation): (408) 354-8565 | |

Stephen Rose (Housing Program Coordinator): (408) 866-2142 |