Public Records

The City of Campbell maintains a variety of public records that are accessible through several interactive tools:

  • Laserfiche Document Management System provides access to City Clerk and Planning Division records, such as ordinances, resolutions, project files, approved plans, etc. However, due to potential copyright restrictions, request for Building Division Records, including permits and construction plans, must made to or by viewing them in person at the kiosk located at on the second floor of City Hall at 70 N. First Street. 
  • City of Campbell Interactive GIS Permit Center is an interactive map viewer of active and closed development applications and public improvement projects. Project materials may be viewed by selecting a specific project.
  • City of Campbell GIS Viewer may be used to identify a property's zoning, General Plan land use designation, lot size, and other parcel information.
  • Agenda Center materials include City Council, and commission and board agendas and meeting minutes.
  • Santa Clara County Survey's Office Record Index Search Tool provides access to recorded parcel and tract maps, which document lot dimensions and easements.

Other Planning Division materials on this webpage include City plans and guidelines and handouts. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please send an email with a subject line "Public Records Request"  to For Police Departments records, please visit the Police Records Site.