Energy Conservation Upgrades and Infrastructure Improvements

(Updated September 21, 2023)


City facilities and City property including City Hall, Campbell Community Center, Maintenance Yard, Campbell Museum, Ainsley House, various park sites and non-LED City-owned streetlights.  


What is ESCO?

Energy Services Companies (ESCO) specialize in conducting facility assessments with the goal of identifying projects and solutions to improve infrastructure, conserve energy, reduce energy costs, and decrease operations and maintenance costs. ESCO projects are typically a collection of smaller projects whereby the collective energy and financial savings can be used to offset the cost of the funding required to implement the improvements.  Only projects that provide sufficient estimated energy savings within a specific time period are recommended for inclusion and implementation.  This is because the financial value of projects developed by ESCO are directly linked to the actual energy cost savings.  

 Sustainability Impact

The proposed energy conservation and infrastructure improvement projects are estimated to reduce electrical consumption by 1,640,000 kWh annually and natural gas consumption by 23,172 therms annually and also reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 862 metric tons.   

The positive environmental impacts associated with the proposed energy conservation and infrastructure improvements are consistent with City’s goals for positive environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gas emissions as identified in the General Plan. 



In February 2020, the City entered into an Energy Services Contract Agreement with Syserco Energy Solutions (an Energy Services Company, ESCO) of Fremont, CA to provide turnkey services for the proposed “Energy Conservation Upgrades and Infrastructure Improvements” project.

Syserco identified the following six energy efficiency upgrades and infrastructure improvements at the City facilities and City property: 

  1. Energy Management System upgrades at City Hall and the Community Center
  2. HVAC Unit Replacements at City Hall and the Community Center
  3. HVAC Unit Refurbishments at City Hall and the Community Center
  4. Interior/Exterior LED Lighting Efficiency Upgrades at City Hall, the Community Center, 2nd St Parking Garage, Corp Yard, Campbell Museum, Ainsley House and various park sites
  5. Duct work sealing at City Hall
  6. LED Lighting Retrofit Upgrades of remaining non-LED City-owned streetlights