Package Theft

How to Prevent Package Thefts in Your Neighborhood

  1. Sign up for delivery alerts so you know when your delivery is scheduled and when the package has been delivered.
  2. If you're not able to be home when a package will be delivered, ask a trusted neighbor to hold it for you. 
  3. Use smart package lockers. Amazon allows you to pick up your delivery in an Amazon Locker instead of having it delivered to your house. UPS and FedEX may also have similar options. Visit Amazon Locker to find a locker near you.
  4. Consider shipping packages to your place of work or use the ship to store option. 
  5. Require a signature on deliveries, especially those of higher value. 
  6. Install security cameras pointing at your front door. Security cameras may help deter criminals from stealing your packages. It can also serve as a way to identify the suspect if a package is stolen. *If you have footage of 
  7. Be a good neighbor! If you see a package on your neighbor's doorstep, reach out and ask if they would like you to hold it until they are home. Come up with creative ways to help one another.

If you have any packages stolen, please do not hesitate to contact us to report your missing products.

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Prevent Package Thefts