Harriet Avenue Sidewalk Improvement Project

(Updated September 19, 2022)


Harriet Avenue from 280 ft. south of Westmont Avenue to Van Dusen Lane.

This project will infill missing pedestrian improvements along the west side of Harriet Avenue between Westmont Avenue and Van Dusen Lane.  The improvements include concrete sidewalks, curbs, gutters, ADA compliant curb ramps, roadway pavement work and signing & striping.

Over the years, the public right-of-way to receive the infill improvements has been taken up by utilities and trees. These items occupy the same space as the proposed gutter pan, curb, and sidewalk. As such, utility poles must be relocated, and several trees need to be removed to make space for the new improvements. This preparation work starts with the removal of five trees. In addition to being in conflict with the new improvements, these trees pose as obstacles to the overhead utility relocation. The new pole locations will place the overhead lines even closer to these trees than they are currently. Thus, it is imperative to remove the trees prior to the pole relocation.     


We are now entering the construction phase of the project. 
Construction will begin September 26, 2022.
Watch for Signs and Workers:  For your safety and for the safety of the construction workers, please obey all posted traffic control signs and instructions from the construction workers. 
Plan Ahead: Updates will be posted on the website of where and when work will be occurring throughout the various stages of this Project. Make sure to allot for additional time if you plan on travelling through the construction area.
Be Patient: Noise, debris and delays on this type of construction project is unavoidable. Please understand the crews will be working diligently to minimize the construction impact to your daily lives. 


In 2018, the Public Works Department submitted a Vehicle Emissions Reductions Based at Schools (VERBS) Program grant application for the Harriet Avenue Sidewalk Improvement Project. The VERBS grant program is Santa Clara’s County locally programmed portion of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s (MTC) Climate Initiative Safe Routes to School program. The project goal is to improve safety, provide improvements that meet current ADA standards, and improve and encourage mobility along this school pedestrian route. This project is partially funded by this grant.

The purpose of this project is to reduce vehicle emissions based at Westmont High School. Harriet Avenue is a major walking route used by students living in the neighborhoods adjacent to Westmont High School. The west side of Harriet Avenue, between Westmont Avenue and Van Dusen Lane, currently has gaps in the sidewalk which discourages students from using alternative modes of transportation such as walking and riding bikes to school. This project will install sidewalks where gaps exist and will also install bicycle shared lane markings ("sharrows") between Hacienda Avenue and Westmont Avenue. The improvements will include new sidewalk, curb, gutter, and driveway aprons; striped crosswalks, ADA curb ramps and associated pavement work.