Let's Talk About Campbell

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Let's Talk About Campbell

You’ve come to the right place to find out what is happening in Campbell. Balancing the charming small town feel with today's economy, find out what Campbell has to offer!  
New Wayfinding Signs Installation in Progress

You may have noticed new wayfinding signs being installed in Campbell in recent weeks. Public Works Maintenance staff have been installing new wayfinding signs throughout the city on an ongoing process since September. Economic Development staff designed these motorist-oriented signs which direct motorists to destinations in Campbell such as city facilities, landmarks and points of interest. These signs also serve as a branding tool to help differentiate Campbell from other communities. The colors and mixed-case fonts were chosen for contrast and ease of reading for motorists. These new signs feature reflective vinyl so motorists can see and read the signs at night. The new signs replace the old blue and gold signs that were installed by the Redevelopment Agency in the early 1990’s. ​​See examples of new signs in the slide show below. 

View videos and additional images of new wayfinding signs being installed on Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor.

Mayor Waterman Welcomes Cloud Communications Company       8x8, Inc. to Campbell

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Read the Mayor's Full Announcement

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